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A belated column on the 1999-2000 Oscars (G)
A few dirty Beyonce jokes (R)
A slow day (PG)
Al Sharpton Blasts Tiger Woods for Lack of Mistress Diversity (G)
Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California Recall Quotes (PG)
Attack of the Clones Trailer Review (really) (G)
Barbie Turns 50 (G)
Beethoven vs. Beiber -- The Sheet Music (G)
Brady Bunch Social Distancing (G)
Brian Williams Remembers Building the Pyramids (G)
Britney Logic (G)
Can I touch your Elvish Butt? (PG)
Celebrity Obituaries (G)
Church of Elvis (G)
Clinton in Oz (PG)
Clinton/Titanic (variation) (PG)
Common Phrases in Movies You'll Never Hear in Real Life (G)
Connecting with Celebrities (G)
Dead People (PG)
Doctor Evil's other Clone (G)

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I take old Starbucks Drink Cups and
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The warm panels are made from melting down old Starbucks drink cups, but it looks and feels like mica or some organic material. The wood in the lampshade and base is pulled from our 100 year old house in Astoria Oregon during a remodel, and it all comes together for a beautiful, classic look.

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