Why the heck do I have this website?

Back in 1998 I looked into my Microsoft Outlook folder of emails that I had labeled "Humour." This was back when everyone was sending jokes around to everyone else, and I had something like 2,000 emails in my humor folder.

I wanted to figure out how to build database driven websites, and here I had a big-ass database. So I dumped the folder to a Microsoft Access file and built a website using PWS (that was Microsoft's "Personal Web Server" that came with Windows 98). A little asp code, a few hard-coded queries, and I was on my way.

The site has been rewritten in so many languages and tools over the years I couldn't even tell you what it's been and what we've done with it. I can tell you that I've kept the same file names (joke.asp?Joke={id}) so Google keeps finding the same jokes in the same place, which might account for all that Google traffic.

I keep using Jokeindex as a place to test new stuff. Sometimes it’s a social media widget, sometimes it's building an API for testing (having thousands of records collected over more than a decade is kind of an interesting asset rather than using stubbed data), sometimes it’s self-promotion.

So, thank you to the thousands of people who visit this site every day. I won't try to sell you anything because I've already got more than I could ask for -- a huge, diverse database to play with, a reasonable load of traffic to test, and one of the longest running social media tests on the Internet.

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