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A few of Clinton's Favorite things (R)
A few politically-incorrect riddles (R)
A gay joke (R)
A guy walks into a bar and sits down (R)
A limited arousal (R)
A little compliment? (R)
A penguin's breakdown (R)
A priest and a nun in the desert (R)
A rather sick view of heaven and hell (R)
A really filthy version of 'Twas the night before Christmas (R)
A really Un-PC riddle (R)
A Shit to Remember (R)
A smoking warning for men (R)
Acute Angina (R)
Adam and Eve (R)
Addictive personality (R)
ADULT Adventures In Camelot (R)
AIDS or Alzheimer's? (R)
Alcohol instead of sex (R)
All men say the same thing (R)

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