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Dennis sinned.

Dennis and Edna sinned.

Dennis, Nell, Edna, Leon, Nedra, Anita, Rolf, Nora, Alice, Carol, Leo, Jane, Reed, Dena, Dale, Basil, Rae, Penny, Lana, Dave, Denny, Lena, Ida, Bernadette, Ben, Ray, Lila, Nina, Jo, Ira, Mara, Sara, Mario, Jan, Ina, Lily, Arne, Bette, Dan, Reba, Diane, Lynn, Ed, Eva, Dana, Lynne, Pearl, Isabel, Ada, Ned, Dee, Rena, Joel, Lora, Cecil, Aaron, Flora, Tina, Arden, Noel, and Ellen sinned.

Lonely Tylenol.

If I had a hi-fi.

Rise to vote, sir.

Bombard a drab mob.

Emit no tot on time.

O, stone, be not so.

Lager, sir, is regal.

No, it is opposition.

Pull up if I pull up.

Niagara, O roar again.

Yawn a more Roman way!

A car, a man, a maraca.

Rot can rob a born actor.

Sit on a potato pan, Otis!

Rats live on no evil star.

Ma is as selfless as I am.

Suppository rot; I sop pus.

Ten animals I slam in a net.

Some men interpret nine memos.

Eros? Sidney, my end is sore!

Lived on Decaf, Faced no Devil.

I, man, am regal; a German am I.

Golf? No sir, prefer prison flog.

Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog.

Tulsa nightlife: filth, gin, a slut.

Dog, as a devil deified, lived as a god.

Anne, I vote more cars race Rome to Vienna.

Straw? No, too stupid a fad; I put soot on warts.

Now, Ned, I am a maiden nun; Ned, I am a maiden won.

Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?

To: Dr., et al. / Re: Grub / Ma had a hamburger / Later, Dot.

Doc, note, I dissent: a fast never prevents a fatness; I diet on cod.

T. Eliot, top bard, notes putrid tang emanating, is sad. I'd assign it a name: gnat dirt upset on drab pot-toilet.

I take old Starbucks Drink Cups and
turn them into Lamps

The warm panels are made from melting down old Starbucks drink cups, but it looks and feels like mica or some organic material. The wood in the lampshade and base is pulled from our 100 year old house in Astoria Oregon during a remodel, and it all comes together for a beautiful, classic look.

Check it out!

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