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See the terror! Feel the shock! Live the horror!

Blood Suckers

If your flesh doesn't crawl, it's on too tight!

The Night Visitor

In Strangloscope!

Stranglers of Bombay

See teenage girls thrust into the weird, pulsating cage of horror!

Teenage Zombies

A beautiful woman by day, a lusting queen wasp by night!

The Wasp Woman

It will scare the living yell out of you!

How to Make a Monster

You'll be sick, sick, sick . . . from laughing!

A Bucket of Blood

They planted the living, and harvested the dead!

Invasion of the Blood Farmers

Something is happening. Send your men of science, quick!

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

It just won't lay down and stay dead!

The Head

Special Singing Guest Star Neil Sedaka!

Sting of Death

Warning: Those easily nauseated approach with caution!

The Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman

Centuries of passion pent up in his savage heart!

creature from the black lagoon

He was a two-fisted, singing sea-ranger!

Captain Calamity

We cannot be responsible if you never sleep again!

Blood Mania

In Flaming Hillbilly Color!

Shotgun Wedding

To caress me is to tempt death!

Cat Girl

Before ­ a Beautiful Girl. One Moment Later ­ a Skeleton!

Teenagers from Outer Space

Parents may be shocked, but youth will understand!

Eighteen and Anxious

What happens to women without men?

Girls in Prison

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