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25 Ways to Annoy a Yankee (PG)
Allies take action (PG)
American Beer (PG)
An Englishman, Frenchman, Texan, and a Mexican. . . (PG)
An Oregonian, a Californian, and a Texan . . . (G)
Antarctica Riddles (G)
Balancing Act (G)
Bay Area Native Quiz (G)
Blind in Texas (PG)
British Security Levels (G)
Brooklyn Woman Gets a Tattoo (R)
Bunjee Jumping in Spain (G)
Canada vs. USA (PG)
Canadian Complaints about Americans (G)
Chinese Farmer's Daughter (PG)
Cold Weather (G)
Columbus's Voyage (G)
Deathbed Cookies (G)
Different customs (PG)
Dirty Grand Canyon Riddle (R)

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